Parenting Adults

I HATE, HATE, HATE the feeling I get when my husband is sitting on the couch next to me and HE gets a phone call from one of the kids.   He suddenly looks serious.   I can overhear just a bit of the story but mostly the child’s tone and dad’s face fill my hear with concern.

When he hangs up and tells me, “Child A just ____(scary event that makes a mom’s heart race).” Then he goes back to whatever he was doing like watching ESPN or solving a Sudoku.  That’s it!

I sit and wait for more information but the details never come.   I flood him with questions.  Is everyone alive?  Does the car still have a fender? Is everyone okay physically? What do you mean they’ll be home 6 hours after the concert?  Is everyone okay mentally?  Did the deer live?  The ticket was how much?   Does that include going to the hospital?

I wonder why the kids just don’t call me. Parenting adults is much harder than it looks!!!

It certainly seemed much easier when I could carry their burdens and their bodies on my shoulders.15171012_10209644223001021_489849928433074111_n

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