Grand Central Bakery

Living with millennials is tough work! Eating is elevated to an entirely different level.  For the last few weeks, my son has been experimenting with bread.  Every day our house smells like fresh baked goodness.  He went berry picking and made raspberry jam to top his creations.  Life is good!

Today he asked to tag along on errands in hopes that we could pop into Grand Central Bakery on Cornell and Saltzman between Beaverton and Northwest Portland.  A friend told him Grand Central Bakery would be a great place to work because they make a range of awesome breads.  Always conscious of his gas budget, he took advantage of my outing to see if a job at Grand Central would be too far for him to travel.

As we entered, it smelled like home.  While he bought bread, the raspberry frangipane tart called to me as did the quiche.   What a treat!   Who knows if he’ll pursue a job there but I now have a new favorite place to meet friends. Next time I’ll try their Oregon shrimp sandwich.   Grand Central Bakery

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