Saving Money During Summer Vacation

Visiting Maui in March is AWESOME because you get to see whales (mamas and babies).   I once took a week’s vacation and spent time oceanfront in Maui.

Some weeks at home during the summer are almost as expensive but without the joy of whale calves. Oodles of routine medical appointments, home repair projects, AND countless visits to Amazon a friend says, “have you read…” make staying home for a week more expensive than travel.

While I haven’t yet convinced my budgeting partner that I  need to go to Maui to save money, I haven’t yet given up hope.  In the mean time, I’m enjoying as many free opportunities in Oregon as I can.


I’m not sure why it takes tourists to remind us of the many special and affordable things to do here but I love this list of Free Things to Do in Portland.  Esther and Jacob have generated an interesting list of things to explore.

What is your favorite FREE thing to do in Oregon?



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