Bonneville Fish Hatchery

IKEA, Edgefield AND Nature–ingredients for a perfect family outing!

Roadtrips, no matter how short, trap my family in the car.  Having everyone so close is special indeed!  As my children have grown older, they are more likely to stay awake in the car so the likelihood of meaningful conversation increases as well.

Fall in Oregon provides an ever-changing canvas of color.  Fall also provides a time to observe animal behaviors.  Along Interstate 84 between Portland and Cascade Locks, the Bonneville Fish Hatchery provides clean restrooms AND hours of entertainment.  For just 25 cents, you can feed the fish (giant rainbow trout) and it costs nothing to watch others feed the fish or to visit Herman the Sturgeon.

If you visit in early fall, you can also watch the salmon return home to spawn.



The most famous sturgeon is about 10 feet long.  Several can be seen in the sturgeon viewing area.img_1148img_1156

The trout in this pond are big enough that if an angler landed one in the wild, it would be a story to share!  img_1153img_1146img_1164

Watching my adult children look for salmon jumping up the ladders makes my heart sing! My daughter spotted a “dog” swimming in the water below the dam.  She was worried for it until she discovered it was actually a sea lion (likely feasting on salmon as they found their way to the salmon ladders to bypass the dam).


Following our visit, we enjoyed dinner at Edgefield as my daughter completed that section of her McMenamin’s passport.  Our visit coincided with the grape harvest and wine making so we were able to watch the winemakers work magic too.  Edgefield Winery

The Columbia River gorge is yet another example of Oregon’s beauty.


Bonneville Hatchery

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