Record Setting Grocery Store Run!

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I left for the grocery store this morning at 9:27 and returned at 9:38am.   Because of Halloween candy ($29.90) and two Thanksgiving turkeys ($19.96), my overall weekly grocery bill was higher than typical but $175.47 during an 11 minute trip is RECORD SETTING!!

I LOVE the  Walmart PICK UP option at my neighborhood store. While I’ve NOT been a regular Walmart shopper, this may be the game changer as it saves time and money so that I’m able to live life more abundantly on things that I value more.

Time-The app let’s me reorder my essential items quickly so I had everything I needed for the weekly menu in less than a minute.  I filled my virtual cart from the comfort of a hot tub.  The bunker ring on my phone (available at Amazon) allows me to safely use my device.

Money-Because I wasn’t distracted by impulse buys, I didn’t add things to my cart.  One of the departments listed was “Fall Favorites” and I did take a virtual stroll through that aisle so ending up with items for upcoming Holidays could be considered impulse buying  BUT, IF the candy makes it two more days so we can hand it out to trick-or-treaters and IF I remember that I have birds in the freezer on November 18, I will consider it a win.  The candy is hidden away in my garage between the sander and a bag of cement so it’s unlikely that my family will find it.  Unfortunately, I know it’s there so that does put it at risk.

I went to the store alone so I got to listen to a book in the car.  The VERY FRIENDLY personal shopper loaded up my groceries lickety split so I needed to pause my book on Audible.Com for less than two minutes and I was able to come home and get everything unpacked and the ground beef browned for spaghetti and tacos while listening to a chapter of a book.

Because I saved so much time, I was able to say YES when a friend invited me to join her for a walk. I also got to play with a two year old at an indoor playground and visit my son and his girlfriend.  Thanks Walmart!

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