Mall Walking at Washington Square

When my skinny friend asked me to walk with her, I thought I might learn something new.  She had me at “Let’s Meet at the Cheesecake Factory.”

Since my baby is 20, I’ve been out of practice at packing for playdates.   It took me forever to gather all we would need for an outing that included my 2 year old great nephew.  My friend had been careful in selecting a spot with level pathways that would be easy for a stroller but then the rain came down in buckets and she suggested a new location.

Starbucks!  Cinnabon!  Roasted Nuts!   Oh My!  The smells at the mall were amazing.  We passed each spot three times but not once did we stop for samples.

Because I don’t visit the mall very often, I wasn’t ready for the kiosk clerks.  Little did I know that each time we passed they would pounce!

“Would you like smoother skin?”

“Do you flat iron your hair?”

“This takes away wrinkles!”

The first time, then the second time and even the third, we avoided eye contact and politely declined.  I assumed they would recognize my super cute baby, his socks and shoes off, his toes sticking up–but they didn’t and each time, the pushy people would pounce and try to sell us something.

On my way home, I thought about how much fun it was to walk at the mall but how annoying the salespeople were.  I’ve decided that next time, I’m going to incorporate them into my workout routine.  If they approach me from the left, I’ll do ten burpees.  If they approach from the right I’ll stop and do squats.  Almost like a college drinking game but with exercise and for old people walking the mall, I bet it will be the new craze by January.



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