Comfort Zone and Best Friends

Out of my comfort zone…literally miles and miles out of my comfort zone AND I had to use the restroom….but my husband was beside me, guiding me and I served as the voice for the navigation tool but he, my hero, my partner, my best friend, found clean porcelain.

bathroom interior interior design restroom
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We were the delivery drivers.  Our truck was packed like Santa’s sleigh.  From foster family to foster family we went. The toys, donated by the community and wrapped by members of a local church, were appreciated at every stop along the way.

I don’t go to the homes of others when I’m not expected.  I am shy.  I won’t drop by a friend’s house if I haven’t called ahead but at the last minute, we were driving from spot to spot making deliveries.  On narrow streets, in densely populated sections of Portland, as the wind blew the rain sideways on the shortest day of the year, we did it.

On these days when I’m 17 miles from home, I feel empowered to travel the world.  I dream of being a world traveler.  In my rich fantasy life, I think I’d be a great contestant on The Amazing Race.  In my head, I’m bold and ready to go anywhere.  I’m brave and fearless UNTIL I have to pee.

I know how to make my own temporary toilet using a bucket, trash bag and pool noodle.  I once owned a book about places to pee in Portland.  I tell my friends about the restrooms at restaurants and bookstores I visit.  Restrooms are important to me.  A friend once told me that every toilet in France flushed a different way.  Once she was scolded for taking to long in stall because she couldn’t figure out how to flush the toilet and didn’t want others to see what she’d left there.  Stories like this terrify me.

When I suddenly (the way that only women who’ve given birth multiple times know) had to pee, there seemed to be no place to go.  There were no parks or stores nearby.  It was dark and wet and cold.  When we finally got away from homes to stores, they all had “no public restrooms” signs posted.

My hero did not panic.  He systematically searched until he found the perfect place.  For paying customers only, he made a purchase while I found relief in a clean and private restroom with self-flushing toilets.

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