Fine–I’m Fine

The best teachers in the world live in Oregon!

When a student was having a melt down in the hall she told me she was “fine” and it made me smile on the inside because I’ve never heard “fine” stretched into 6 syllables. It sounded like /f/-eye-eye-eye-eye /n/.   That with her shoulder shaking sobs indicated that she was NOT in a happy spot.

While she clearly was not fine, I appreciated that she used her words and she was working on getting back to calm.  As an amazing teacher worked with her, I was reminded about the importance of tone and non-verbal signals during communication.  The teacher exuded optimism with her smile and the way she leaned in while moving on showed the child that she was confident that things would be okay and that they could walk and talk their way back to where they needed to be.

Perhaps it’s because Oregon’s school year is one of the shortest in the nation, teachers have to work especially hard in order to build relationships.  Relationships are the heart of teaching and learning.  When kids are calm and cared for, they are ready to shine.

alone child children close up
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