Channel House-Best Hot Tubs in Oregon

Oregon waves crash against the sand and rocks!  The best place to view the ever changing Pacific is Channel House in Depoe Bay, Oregon.  Why?

Proximity-Channel House is located at the mouth of the world’s smallest bay.  Between the hotel and ocean is a small strip of grass then a fence so you can’t get much closer.  Within a short walk you can find a range of great restaurants and many small shops.  About 90 miles southwest of the Portland area, it’s a lovely two hour trip through the rolling hills of wine country and the low range of mountains that separates the Willamette Valley from the coast.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.11.44 PM

Hot Tubs-Between the sliding glass door of your room and the ocean is a hot tub built for two.  This is the perfect spot to read a book, sip a beverage or chat with a special friend.

Whales-From the hot tub or couch in front of the fireplace, we have always seen whales when we stay here.  Watch for the spout then the curve of a massive back.  We’ve seen them in the channel and all over the bay. (I have seen whale tails like the one below.)

action animal ocean outdoors
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

Fire-Rain or shine, we always enjoy the gas fireplace in our room.  Channel House does not allow guests under a certain age so it’s a very quiet place to relax most of the time.  Though ear plugs are provided in case the fog horn is needed for boat safety, we’ve never experienced anything more than the cry of seagulls.


Boats-Watching boats come and go is my husband’s favorite thing to do.  Once, the Coast Guard closed access to the channel until conditions were safe so a whole train of boats waited to be guided in and Darold treated it like a boat parade arranged just for him.

Breakfast-The breakfast served at the Channel House is top notch.  Fresh fruit, homemade pastries, warm and cold options, rich dark coffee, juice and a PAPER newspaper are served buffet style so guests come and go to the large room overlooking the ocean.  My mom used to go overboard on holiday mornings with so many options and delicious treats and the Channel House reminds me of her special morning feasts.


I can’t wait for my next trip to Channel House!

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