Top Golf

There was a time during the 1990s when we spent every weekend at Chuck E. Cheese attending birthday parties for the friends of our children.  Growing up in rural Oregon during the 60s and 70s, that type of party didn’t exist.  As evidenced by the family photo albums, my husband celebrated his birthday in the dining room with family and a homemade cake.




He was so cute and during his dad years was so patient to attend party after party at Chuck E. Cheese.  This year we treated him to something extra special.  First we celebrated with family and cake in the dining room.  He had a nasty cold  so I was careful to make sure he didn’t blow germs all over the cake.  I gave him a special piece of paper to fan out the candles.  I wanted everyone to stay well because we also had plans to celebrate with friends and family at Top Golf.  It turns out, Top Golf is to  middle aged men as Chuck E. Cheese is to toddlers.


Online Scheduling made organizing the event easy.  A party planner called to confirm details about a week before.  When scheduling and during the confirmation call, I felt a little ill about the cost of such an event.  I finally rationalized that thirty-nine cents a minute per person was really not that bad if everyone had fun.

At the assigned time, our group of 14 was led to our two assigned bays.  The sunny January day was still cool but the heaters, directly above the couches, kept us toasty warm and we had a spectacular view of Mt. Hood.    Our server Bailey was bundled up as she quickly filled orders.  We enjoyed flatbread pizza, chicken sandwiches, tots, hummus, deep fried macaroni and cheese, nachos and more!

Skill levels ranged from first time holding a club to a member of the high-school golf team but everyone had fun!  We maximized every minute of the two hour block.

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My brother in his happy place–WINNING!!


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