Belknap Hotsprings

Last year at this time, we planned an adventure with friends to Belknap Hotsprings.  Located about 3 hours southeast of Portland, Oregon, going to Belknap during the winter is like visiting a different era.   The slower pace, soaking pool and secluded wooded setting all invite relaxation.

Rooms at the Belknap Lodge remind me of the 1970s (in a good way)!   They funky shaped rooms are homey, comfortable and feel isolated from the rest of the world. In one room, we had two showers and a cozy downstairs with two queen sized beds in an upstairs loft.  In another room, the extra long rectangle allowed enough room for dancing.

The dense forest was covered with snow when we visited in early March of 2018 so the steam from the soaking pool (fed by the hot springs) was inviting.  A full moon and clear sky made our evening trip to the pool extra special.  The pool temperature is hotter at one end, where the water flows in and most of the pool-goers tend to stay at the cooler in where it’s also shallow and easier to get in and out of the water.  It’s WARM so not the type of pool where kids jump in and out or swim.  If you enjoy water exercise, this pool may be too warm. Work out the arms by lifting yourself out of the water too cool off if needed.  Luckily, the area has lots trails for walking.

On past trips, we met up with family who stayed in an RV in the campground while we enjoyed the comfort of the lodge.  When Grandma Pat stayed nearby, we were well-fed.  Although there is a morning continental breakfast, the range of food options nearby is very limited.  We had hoped to experience a stay in a cabin with a kitchen this year so we could bring food and just chill out for two days.  We had even made reservations but had to cancel for a family event in the Portland area.

Because they require a minimum of a two night stay (or pay for two nights) the biggest challenge with Belknap is finding the time to get there.






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