Spa Like Urgent Care

Relaxed Urgent Care seems like an oxymoron.  In the past, when the people I love are sick or injured I’ve experienced many chaotic urgent care waiting rooms and examine spaces.  Today, I visited  Legacy’s Go-Health Urgent Care at 2870 SW Cedar Hills Blvd in Beaverton, Oregon and the team there makes me think that Go-Health Cedar Hills is the BEST urgent care center in the world.

Feeling Tone-We were greeted with smiles even though staff were helping others.  Eye contact and the smile of acknowledgement felt inviting. 

Patience-The young lady I took to Urgent Care is new to the area and it was the first time she was using a new insurance care.  When she  learned the co-pay was about $65 more than she expected, the team was incredibly patient.  They provided information about what the co-pay would be if she were not at Urgent Care.  They gave numbers of nearby doctors in her insurance network and waited as we called to see how long it would be for a new patient to see a doctor.  As she called her husband to discuss the finances, they were understanding.   The display of empathy while also educating us on what the insurance provided was exceptional.  

Quality of Care-The doctor we saw examined the hurting body part closely.  As she tested the range of motion, she paid close attention to the body language of my friend.  She asked questions and reframed the question if we didn’t understand.  When she stated her finding, she gave a clear explanation about why she arrived at that conclusion.  Additionally, she told us why she ruled out others.  She explained her theory about a likely cause then shared a treatment plan and steps to prevent future problems.  She physically demonstrated and explained next steps for recovery.  She followed up with printed information.

Ruby Spa at Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon is one of my favorite places to relax.  As you enter the space, the soft scent lavender greets you and all the stress melts away.  Our Urgent Care visit today lacked the lavender but was just as relaxing. Well Done Go-Health on Cedar Hills!  You ROCK!!!

Totally unrelated, piano injuries do happen even when you aren’t moving one.  As one grows older, parts of the body protest with repeated use (or overuse).  At a certain age, stretching before you approach the piano is required. Like tennis elbow, piano foot is a thing!

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