Flying Frog Coffee-Bend, Oregon

Sunny Central Oregon has a range of things to enjoy.  High desert, mountains, lakes, rivers, lava cast forest, caves and so much more make Bend a special destination.  On our recent visit, cloud watching and a visit to Flying Frog Coffee were among the highlights.  The unusually wet weather made the sagebrush smell so good but it had me longing for a warm beverage, a blanket and a book.

Flying Frog Coffee is located at 2595 Butler Market Road.  The drive through coffee hut had an impressive list of beverage options.  What impressed me even more was the list of food offerings.   Biscuits and gravy are my husband’s favorite morning meal though he seldom has time for a sit down meal.  If we lived in Bend, he might make this drive through part of his morning routine.  In addition to biscuits and gravy (half or whole servings), there were several types of breakfast burritos and  bagels.  They even had gum on the menu so you could cover up sausage and coffee breath before going into work.

Because my mom made us French toast and scrambled eggs before we left, we didn’t try the food this time.  Unfortunately, the Foldger’s coffee bags and the instant-low acid coffee crystals at my parents had us desperate for coffee.  My Flying Frog Americano did not disappoint.   The caramel chai latte my daughter got elicited moans of satisfaction as well and the whole car smelled like a holiday.

As my husband drove us home (about 150 miles from the Flying Frog) I sipped my coffee and finished up We are Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union.  Union’s collection of stories made me laugh and think hard about the people in my life.  She describes mentors and connectors in a way that challenged me to recognize and celebrate the importance of community while working through life’s experiences (painful and otherwise).  Whether telling stories over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee,  I felt challenged to be mindful in recognizing how we build one another up and use our influence to make our world a more inclusive place.

Over the past few months I’ve been obsessed with memoirs.  This book was one on a long list of recommendations I’ve been working through.  As I devoured this book, the author referenced her work in television and movies but I didn’t realize who she was until I looked her up when I finished the book.   I loved watching interviews and hearing more her story.  Check out  PBS Gabrielle Union Book Tour Interview to learn a sliver more about this brilliant author.

A book, a beverage and a blanket make a rainy day just as enjoyable as a sunny one.  I’m glad that Flying Frog coffee was open on a holiday and that Gabrielle Union shared stories with the world.













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