Thai Basil-Lake Oswego, Oregon

The very best part of being a grown up is having mid-day dates with my spouse.  Today, I picked him up from work and we enjoyed lunch at Thai Basil.  We claimed a cozy booth and enjoyed face to face time and lunch.


Smooth jazz, warm tones and artwork labeled Laos made our immediate surroundings quite pleasant. The service was fast and the staff organized to ensure a quick yet unhurried workday lunch.  My husband had red curry and enjoyed every drop. My pad Thai with chicken was excellent.  I may have expected more basil because of the name of the establishment but overall the dish was perfectly balanced.


Though we’ve been married for nearly 30 years, we’ve had very few mid-week lunches together.  Time with such an exceptional man is a treat.

I’m reading Slow:  Simple Living for a Frantic World by Brooke McAlary.  Because of this book, today  I’m reminded about the many decisions I make during our time together.  During this 30 minutes of my day, I pay attention to each moment and I’m careful about what I let in to my thought life.     I notice our surroundings and am drawn to the parts that bring me joy.  I choose to focus on what makes me feel happy.  I delight in  the sights, smells and flavors of our meal while chatting with my husband about things we’ve noticed or experienced since we last talked.

On my next visit to Thai Basil, I’m going read past the first lunch option to see what other things there are do enjoy as well.

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