Snow or High Pollen Counts= Game Night

On the west side of Cascade range in Oregon, there are (perhaps) three snow plows. Six people have studded tires.  When it snows, everything shuts down.

A few years ago we were snowed in with my daughter’s boyfriend and his roommate.  The boys’ house had frozen pipes before the snow fell so when it really came down, our little group spent a lot of time playing games.  The boys made me laugh because they, spoke as if they were Game of Thrones characters, starting each sentence with “brother” or “my lady” and they stayed in character for what seemed like days.

My husband’s family takes Monopoly seriously.  Games can go on forever and my husband plays to win.  Winter was coming and during the long night, he didn’t take part in the game of bros so the joyful nature wasn’t disrupted with hostile takeovers.

In the time that followed the snow, her boyfriend became my son-in-law and she celebrated his recent birthday by buying him Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game for Adults.  Her father’s daughter, she was ruthless the first time they played but as newlyweds, her husband was sweet in defeat.  He lovingly described her as having the sympathies and mercies of a Lannister, the smarts of a Tyrell and the crushing force of a Targaryen.  The game includes a button you can push so the soundtrack plays.


Western Oregon is also know for high pollen counts in the spring so this is a great game to play indoors in  June too.


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