Sideways Rain and a BFK

The rain falls sideways on spring days in Oregon.   If I have it, my umbrella keeps me dry from the knees up. Because I grew up on the dry east side of the Cascades, I still forget how wet I can get in Western Oregon in just a few seconds.

Even when I remember coverage for the upper half, when the rain falls sideways, you get wet. Wet calves and soggy socks make me really feeling bloopy. Sloshing shoes and pants are a  memory trigger however so it’s not all bad.  When I’m wet and cold, I often catch myself reminiscing of a warm beverage I’d been introduced to while back at Ruby Tuesdays– BFK with whip. I remember that the hot beverage was yummy and made my wet toes tingle!

Unfortunately, Ruby Tuesdays unexpectedly closed several years ago.  My memory of a  warm drink and fun friends was triggered today..  Though it’s June, it feels like March–until the sun comes out and it feels like summer.  The weather changes about every 30 minutes.

Fortunately, the sun is now streaming through my window making me feel like I need to change into shorts and sandals–also a memory trigger.  On the patio at Ruby Tuesdays, I was introduced to the Ruby Relaxer and the tropical concoction was perfect for a warm summer day.  I DID get the recipe hack for delicious drink before the restaurant closed down.

If my drink choice cravings were a haircut, it would be a mullet-cool in the front and warm in the back.  It’s early in the day and I have much to do so my iced tea and hot coffee are providing the perfect start to my Friday morning.  Dutch Brothers tea, unsweetened is fruitier than Starbucks and always refreshing.  The large at Dutch Brothers seems super-sized so my ice cubes melt before I finish but that’s okay.  My coffee was made at home.  The dark, rich blend is in my favorite McMenamin’s Coffee Roasters mug.

The best part about the weather in Oregon is that it changes so quickly, my favorite kind of weather is always just around the corner.  Even now, the sun has disappeared and the rain has started.   By next week, I’ll be thinking about the way the rain sounded today. If variety is the spice of life, my life is well-seasoned.







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