Lemon Curd, Blueberries and Whipped Cream

The faint ring of powdered sugar was all that remained.  I wiped away the evidence that a plate had been there before taking the final sip of my robust Americano with just a splash of cream.  With a tummy full of lemon-curd, whipped cream, waffle and bacon, I momentarily questions how I’d missed the powdered sugar as I devoured my delicious breakfast.

Luckily, my favorite kindergarten teacher in the whole world lives nearby and she always orders well.  Most days when I visit GiGi’s I have time to observe what others have selected as items are delivered to their tables.  Located in the Hillsdale neighborhood of southwest Portland, this small cafe tucked between a clothing boutique and laundromat  is always packed.  Today, there was no line so no wait and the foreplay of fantasizing about what each dish might taste like was missed.  “I’ll have what she’s having,” I said.

My favorite kindergarten teacher is also great conversationalist and has important things to share so the waffle was like frosting on the cake of this special day.  I know from reading the menu online that Linda’s Lemon Waffle is topped with lemon curd, blueberries, meringue crumble, whipped cream and a gingersnap.  It was a work of art and I wish I would have captured it’s beauty. It, along with my coffee, disappeared before I thought to take out my camera.

Typically, in the afterglow of breakfast, our book group visits Paloma Clothing next door.  The luxurious fabrics in the shop extend the sensory experience to new levels.  After flavors and smells at Gigis, the feel and look of Paloma round out the experience.  Some believe that the  sign of a truly amazing meal is an empty plate and happy smile.  Others believe that what makes a meal great is who you share it with.  I am a lucky girl in that I experienced both today.





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