75 Pounds and Michelle Obama Arms

The weight loss/fitness/mental health program I started yesterday is GSD-90X.  I’ve been promised that I will lose 75 pounds in 90 days.  After just 24 hours on this program, I’m confident that I’ll have arms like my hero by then end of that time period too. My scale is down 3.6 in just one day.

I’ve been told that  I’m wildly optimistic when it comes to some things and many have already told me that I need to relax my expectations about the length of time it will take. I think 90 days falls on September 10, my nephew’s 21st birthday.     If I haven’t lost it by then I can gift him the 75 pounds of German Shepherd to him.

I volunteered to foster her when her family moved to transitional housing for the summer.  This dog loves her kids and mom.  She likes to play (a lot) and sit on laps. Bailey is a wild one year old with the focus of a 12 year old boy with ADHD.   Any parent will tell you an adolescent can focus for hours when it comes to some things.  Mortal combat is to 12 year olds as a tennis ball is to Bailey.

Pray for us.

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