Day 3-Temptation, Patience, Habits of Mind: 75 pounds to go

So far, the workout has been intense.  Today, I started examining my attitude towards food. If I’m going to survive this 90 day challenge, I need to change my mindset.    The GSD-90X Challenge is already in day 3.  The two dogs in my life are teaching me valuable lessons.  My granddog Dice is teaching me about patience and practice.  He seems to delight is showing how still he can be and how long he can wait for a reward.  With food right in front of him (literally on the tip of his nose), he can wait until given a command then gracefully flips it into his mouth.

I better relate to Bailey.  She could never balance anything on her nose because she’s never, ever, ever still.  She is on the move every second UNLESS she can cuddle in your lap or if you hold a ball.  Where Dice can patiently wait for instruction, Bailey can last about 7 seconds before she assumes you need a prompt from her to get things started.  Her prompt may be in the form of a bark or she may loving plant her paws in your chest with the slightest shove like movement as if to say, “Hey, I’m waiting for you!”

Bailey sneaks into Dice’s kennel and eats his food when he’s not around and he doesn’t seem to care.  When given her own bowl of kibble, she seems to inhale every  last bit in seconds.  She has horrible allergies so her daily allergy pill is added to the kibble and she gobbles it up without knowing.  She acts as if it may be her last meal.  Where Dice has an abundance mentality, she lives in scarcity mode.  Her intensity drives me nuts and I wonder if I’ll survive until September.  She’s just like me!

Today, I noticed my own Bailey-type behaviors.  I picked up lunch for my family at the most amazing Vietnamese sandwich shop (Vina Deli Baguette at 13500 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard, Oregon) .  As I drove home, I mindlessly reached into the bag at every single stoplight to see if I could unwrap my baguette just enough to tear off a chunk of the crust.  Every time I caught myself and thought of the patience Dice shows.  I resisted the urge to tear into my lunch by chanting, “Be like Dice!”

When I got home, I enjoyed the beautiful intact work of art with all my senses.  I delighted in the beauty of the whole and celebrated my victory over temptation.   In the past, my lunch would have been gone before I got home and I would have continued my project.  By waiting, I got to spend time with my son over a delicious meal.  Too many times to count, my family has rolled their eyes at my Bailey like impulsivity. In the past, I’d be off doing the next thing on my list because my lunch would have been gone before I pulled into the driveway.

This old dog is learning new tricks.





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