Day 9 -Epic Fail-GSD 90X Challenge is Over

I lost 75 pounds in 9 days.  When the GSD 90X Challenge started, I thought it would until September 10 but just 9 days into the 90 day challenge, the German Shepherd Dog is gone.  The 75 pounds of muscle, fangs and fur has moved on and I feel like an epic failure when it comes to being a doggie foster mom.

Five things could have prevented this failure.  For those thinking about fostering or getting a German Shepherd Dog for 90 days or a lifetime, these five things will make the experience much more likely to be be a successful one.

  1.  Dyson Vacuum-My vacuum tried but couldn’t keep up with all the dog hair.  I’ve heard from other GSD people that only a Dyson will do the job.  With so much hair collected, I can’t help but wonder if it couldn’t be used for something like pillow stuffing.  How sweet would it be for former GSD owners now living in Retirement/Leisure centers to have GSD scented satchels or pillows to spark memories of special times with beloved pets.
  2. Kids-Children make a dog’s life divine.  Dogs need kids to cuddle, wrestle, throw balls, hold, listen to as they read, and love.  I recommend a three children for every GSD.
  3. Tall Fence-Boundaries make play more fun and keep everyone safe.  My fence was more like an obstacle in an agility course than a containment system.  The GSD could jump it easily but my husband couldn’t.
  4. Ball Machine-Every GSD needs a ball machine so they can play and play and play.  I love throwing the ball but am good for 100-200 times a day during the work week.  GSDs need 5 to 10 times that.
  5. Cross Country Team-If every GSD had a local high school running team, I’m sure the parents of runners would feel as if children were better protected on long runs and the dog would be thrilled to go and go and go.  Our community has a number of dog walkers but no dog runners.  This is clearly a need.

While I didn’t make it as a GSD foster mom, and I didn’t reduce my body by 75 pounds as I’d hoped with all the extra walks, ball throwing and poop scooping, I did learn that our world is a better place because of dogs and the people who love them.  Bailey is now living with three kids she’s always known next door to where she used to live.  She’s excited to be back in her element.  Because these kids love her kids too, they get to visit her frequently.

Tomorrow I will rest and vacuum.





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