Bowman Orchard

My husband is quite literal.  When he went shopping last weekend, he asked what we needed.  I reminded him that our son, famous for his grilling ability, would be around for only a few more days and simply said,  “He likes to grill big hunks of meat.”

The 15 pound brisket nearly didn’t fit in the refrigerator.  Our son was DELIGHTED! He quickly started pulling spices and calculating cook times.  By the 9:00am the next day, the Traeger was ready.  By 10:00am, it’s likely that nearby neighbors had watering mouths.  Throughout the day, he kept close watch.  By mid-afternoon it was perfect.  The summer of 2019 will forever be remembered as the summer of meat on the Traeger Grill.  This brisket might be the last time he cooks for us this season so it was a special occasion indeed.

The brisket paired perfectly with Bowman Orchards Cherry Wine and mixed greens.  My best friend recently visited her son at Glacier National Park and on the way home, her mother had insisted they make a special stop at Bowman Orchards.  Because she’s such a special friend, my BFF gifted us with a bottle of the dark red wine.

Produced and bottled at Bowman Orchards in Bigfork Montana, the label indicated it was sweet and 12% alcohol.  When I was a child, I read a book set on a North American prairie where the girls accidentally drink cherry wine or a bright, red sweet liquid.  It may have been Ann of Green Gables or Laura Ingallls but the description of the sweet beverage made my first sips of real alcohol incredibly disappointing.  I expected dark sweet. fruit flavored goodness.   The first red, sweet alcoholic beverages I’d  tried resembled cough syrup and I was always disappointed.  Today, my first sip of Bowman Orchard Sweet Cherry Wine had me immediately thinking of the book.

While some readers remember characters, setting or themes in books, I remember the food.  The Polar Express by VanAllsburg makes me think of drinking chocolate.  Eat, Love Pray inspired me to up my consumption of pasta and bread.  One of John Grisham’s books was set in Europe with great coffee descriptions and I was jittery for weeks.  Not all authors grab me with descriptions of food but smells and tastes often remind me of a favorite story.  It wasn’t until today that I realized that my 8 or 9 year old self should not have been so inspired by the mishaps of young girls to sip.

Bowman Orchard’s Cherry Wine evokes memories of dark red cherries picked from heavy beaches on a warm summer day.  It’s fresh, sweet and satisfying and I immediately thought that this is what the author had described.   The smoky meat, crisp vegetables and refreshing wine were the perfect end to this summer day.

This evening, I finished The Cactus by Sarah Haywood.  The perfect end to my day would be a box of chocolates like the ones Susan and Kate enjoyed together.  Chocolate would be the only thing that would make this meal better OR maybe I need a book with healthier characters.




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