Bend Memorial Clinic Urgent Care

Perhaps the most beautiful place to receive urgent medical care isBend Memorial Clinic at 815 SW Bond Street in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon.  From the waiting room I enjoyed a view snow covered trees, the meandering river and nearby mountains.  The staff was professional and efficient so I was in and out in less than 45 minutes.  I found the spacious rooms also made the experience more enjoyable.

As I made snow angels on Thanksgiving Day, my little brother hit me in the face with a snowball.  Over the past five decades, he’s demonstrated his perfectly imperfect aim. He once didn’t mean to shoot me with a juniper berry propelled by BB gun (don’t try this at home).  Another time, he didn’t mean to  nail me with gravel from a sling shot (don’t try this at home either).  Another time hit me between the eyes with a croquet mallet (again-not one try at home either) and caused countless roller skating accidents by knocking me off my feet with broomball shots gone astray.  This Thanksgiving, when he hit me with the snowball I immediately told on him.  He claimed it was (yet another) “accident” but my husband corroborated his story as he described my brother’s underhanded toss as more of a corn hole lob  that landed on my belly, slid toward my face on ramp created by my bosom then caught air before slowly landing into my sky turned face through the hole of my hood.  My parents and adult children did not show me much sympathy but I did get a compliment on my angel.

At the doctor, I was completely honest about my minor ailment that had nothing to do with my brother.  In snowy Central Oregon, there are so many ways to have fun while risking injury, the urgent care likely hears about amazing adventures.

In hindsight, I realize that I love my little brother very much and though we no longer live in Central Oregon, when we return for holidays, we still act like kids.  There is something about playing in the snow that brings out the ten year old in everyone!


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