Hikes and Spinach: Day 2 in my Year of Living More Abundantly

A visit to a new primary care doctor has me thinking about how I can grow healthier in the upcoming year. As I met with my new doctor, I expected her to say something about my weight.  She didn’t so I brought it up.   I wish I would have had a recording device because her tone and word choice were INSPIRING.   I won’t put it as eloquently as she did but it goes something like this, if I move more and eat less I will feel better.  I’M the one who needs to make the decision to do this AND I’m the one who’ll live with the choices I make.

Yesterday, I came up with success indicators to track daily over the upcoming year. Below is a summary of Day 2 in my Year of Living More Abundantly.

Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index:  I was down eight tenths of a pound today.

Blood Pressure: My blood pressure was about the same as yesterday.

Healthy Fuel:  I ate eggs, Ezekiel bread, spinach,  a banana, almonds, walnuts,  an apple, artichoke hearts, and carrots.  I appreciated the crunching.  For the past few weeks, every time I’ve visited this client, I’ve made a stop at the A&W for deep fried cheese curds and a root beer (sometimes with ice cream).  Today, I passed up the A&W.

Further north when I was caught in a traffic jam in Amity, Oregon, I was intrigued by a sign for FREE BEER. It wasn’t until I got really close that I saw that it was FREE water with the purchase of a BEER.  By 3:00pm, I’d already enjoyed nearly 2000 ml of water so I decided to skip the beer.  This was my first ever traffic jam in Amity-could the sign be to blame?


Not so Healthy Fuel: Homemade Crustless Chicken Pot Pie could have been healthy but too much  bacon made this tasty treat shiny slick.

Quiet Time:  I worked about 45 miles away from home today.  In the car, I listened to 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates: Healthy Eating for Healthy Living with a Low-Carbohydrate, Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Healthy Living Series) by Susan Neal on my Audible app.  This was relaxing and informative.  Neal does a good job of explaining why processed sugar is like crack for some people.  This is a book had so many great references it’s really one I should also get in print as I’m sure to refer to it often in the future.    I also enjoyed time in front of the fire with my husband and a long hot bath.   My Bible Study groups meets every Wednesday and last night, I made my struggle with food public so the faith aspect of Neal’s book especially resonated as I knew my friends were praying for me.

Nature Parks Explored-My work site today was near Monmouth, Oregon (my college town) and I didn’t start until nearly noon so I stopped by the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge.  I’d seen a painting of this place with Mt. Hood majestic in the backdrop a few weeks ago and it seems like I’ve heard about it often since then.  The fog prevented me from seeing the mountains but the gravel trail was well maintained.  With just a light Columbia raincoat, I was set.  The most important part of any setting is easily accessible and clean restrooms.  I was not disappointed!


I LOVED that jogging is not allowed in this nature park. It made me feel fast.  All those birdwatchers walk really slowly.   I felt a little left out that I was the only one without binoculars.

Spinach Salads-For breakfast I literally ate a handful of spinach as I was waiting for my eggs to boil. It wasn’t pretty.  My chewing brought to mind an animated story about a manatee (a.k.a. sea cow) I watched once with my kids. I was trying to save dishes.  Tomorrow, I’ll work on presentation.  For dinner, we had a bagged salad but no spinach and it was beautiful.

Beverage High in Antioxidants-I had rich black coffee (delivered to me in bed by my amazing husband), two cups Yogi brand tea (it sounds good for you) and hot cocoa by the fire.  I made this with coconut milk (40 calories) 1 teaspoon stevia, 2 tablespoons unsweetened chocolate (20 calories) and a dash of vanilla extract.  It LOOKS really good and I pretended I’d never had coca with real sugar and this helped..  My husband thought it needed sugar–lots of sugar but he totally agreed it tased good for you.


Walking with My Grand Dog-My granddog is in Central Oregon playing in the snow so I didn’t get to see him today.  He LOVES the powdery snow but keeps losing his ball.  He is so silly and acts like a puppy as he races around the yard! He is the best dog in the world!


Sand Castles with Cute Kids-I didn’t play with young children today but I spent time with incredibly PLAYFUL senior adults and we had a long discussion about whether or not used kitty litter would be good to fill holes made by gophers.  Had I not won the argument, I’m sure I would have spent time digging so my sand castle experience would have been but to good use.  The rush of relief that came with not having to scoop poop into a gopher hole for a loved one made me realize that I also need to track gratitude every day.  Neal also referenced the importance of practicing gratitude.

Gratitude-Today I appreciated the sunshine, talking with people I love, a sweet text from a friend about the importance of educating young children and the quality of water from the tap.  I appreciate that a dear friend got a kind note from a colleague and was bolstered in such a positive way-written words matter.

img_6303.jpg I’m grateful that I live in a place were space is set aside for wildlife.  I’m curious about the birds I heard as I explored.  Do you recognize these sounds?

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