Hiking (Indoors) and Spinach (Virtual)-My Year of Living Abundantly Day 5

If I move more, eat less, practice reflection and gratitude, and shift my focus from me to God, I am sure I will feel better inside and out.  I’ve been working on  these things over the past few days in hopes of being transformed by December 2020.  The success indicators for this transformation include stats some consider vital but also things that make me happy.

Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index: Today was the first day on this journey when the number on my scale was higher than it was yesterday.

Blood Pressure: Like my weight, my blood pressure was up a smidge.

Healthy Fuel:  Is ribeye steak considered healthy fuel?  I had some. It was good! I 

Not so Healthy Fuel:  Is ribeye steak considered a not so healthy fuel?  I had some. It was good!

Quiet Time: The whole day was filled with family. 

Nature Parks Explored: I didn’t got to a nature park but the drums at church moved me.  Does that count as exercise?  They rocked!

 Spinach Salads: Eating more green leafy vegetables may be the biggest challenge.  Though I had no salad today, I had butternut squash zoodles. It was from the freezer section so first I steamed it but it had a weird texture.  I stir fried it in a dry non stick pan and that made it look more appetizing.    I spent a lot of time looking a pictures of beautiful salads I could take to a party later in the week.  The ingredients for bacon wrapped stuffed dates ended up on my shopping list though.  The picture of spinach salad (my virtual lunch) will serve as an inspiration for the upcoming week.

Beverage High in Antioxidants: My coffee was transparent this morning.  My second cup was a hazelnut flavored grocery store grind and it seemed a bit chalky. Tomorrow I am going to treat myself to an americano.

Walking with My Grand Dog: I didn’t see a single dog today.

Sand Castles with Cute Kids: I didn’t see a single child today.

Gratitude: I am grateful for so many things! A friend opted to spend time with us mid-morning even though he’s super busy with an upcoming move.  That was a treat.  My brother called to check on my face status (not Facebook) and I’m happy to report that cellulitis might have lost the -itis.  My brother used to call when his school year ended in May and I still had three weeks to go. This call was unexpected.   Two-thirds of my kids checked in today and both seemed happy.  My husband cleaned the kitchen and got ready for garbage day.  Life is good!

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