Delegating Dinner-Day 10- Living an Abundant Life

I love Christmas carols and Christian worship songs. Tonight I saw Ryan Stevenson  at South Beach Church in Newport, Oregon. What a great artist and great church!   Ryan and his bandmate Phil played acoustic guitars and the tone was comfort-casual.My favorite part of the concert was when Ryan shared songs his boys had created.  “Apple-hallelujah” was my favorite song.  What a hoot!

The concert was beautiful and has me thinking about how people use their gifts and talents.  When we step into what we do best,  do we naturally live more abundantly? Conversely, if we spend time doing things we don’t thing we do well, does it hinder us from living abundantly?

Because I took a road trip and my husband had the day off, I allowed him to make us lunch using one of the meal kits from Hello Fresh.  He immediately started negative self talk then fell down the slippery slope.  As a golf tournament played on ESPN, he prepped the vegetables.  Five minutes in, he was silent and concentrating hard on the carrots. “Oh baby!  It smells like Ginger, not like Marianne.  Whew!”  He is so friggin’ cute!  I love him!

Since getting our HelloFresh box on Monday,  I’ve prepared vegetables in more ways that I knew possible.    Today, lunch was great!  Though our gifts and talents have not included cooking, we are learning new skills.  With each new success comes a slight shift in attitude.  We are on our way to living healthier lives, one meal at a time.

Eleven days ago when my doctor suggested that I had the power to make choices regarding behaviors that would make parts of my body feel better or not, I never imagined that I’d be watching my husband whip up dinner.  Life is good!

Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index: The scale was up today.  I notice that when I stay up past about 8:00pm, I get really sleepy then look for a snack to help me perk up.  This is a dangerous trend.  My plan for this evening is to go to bed earlier.

Blood Pressure: My numbers were about the same today.

Healthy Fuel:  Korean Beef Bibimbap was colorful and delicious!


Not so Healthy Fuel: I had chocolate covered orange sticks (too many to count) this morning with my coffee.  

Quiet Time: My long drive today was so wonderfully quiet.

Nature Parks Explored: I didn’t visit parks today.

Spinach Salads: I didn’t eat spinach today.

Beverage High in Antioxidants: My coffee was delicious!  The cocoa bar at SouthBeach offered great coffee-cocoa combinations.  

Walking with My Grand Dog: I had no time with my granddog today.  I think he misses me.  I got to spend time with my niece-dogs and they loved belly rubs.  I got to their house too late for a walk.

Sand Castles with Cute Kids: I spent no time with kids today.

Gratitude: I am thankful that my husband is willing to try new things.  I’m grateful that I get to spend time with my brother and his family.  I’m grateful musicians give free concerts to show appreciation to early career supports. 

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