Road Trips, Spinach and Hiking-Day 11-Living Life Abundantly

My husband’s sister is on an adventure.  The bike that once gathered dust in my garage is now getting dusty in the desert near Yuma as she explores new trails.  I love reading about her travels as she lives her dream.

I’ve always aspired to be a free spirited traveler. When I was in high school, one of my uncles retired, sold everything and traveled the country in an RV.  Another uncle sold everything and moved onto a sailboat.  Early in my marriage, we talked about having a similar lifestyle when our kids left home. Now that we’ve been empty nesters for about 80 days, I’m reconsidering the idea of hitting the road as I love my empty house. When I read about the adventures of others, I’m genuinely happy for them but I’m living my dream right now too.

My cozy home base is just right for me right now. I’m able to easily visit the beach, mountains or rolling vineyards on short day trips.  Because Oregon is such a beautiful place, it’s easy to be wildly happy within 150 miles of home. Occasionally, we venture further.   In March, we’ll visit our son in Hawaii.  Comfortable travel is yet another reason that my doctor’s words having me rethinking how I “do life” and the consequences of my daily actions.

As I strive to life life more abundantly, I dream of a whittled waist.  How would buckling a plane seatbelt be different if  my circumference were reduced?   Perhaps my waist measurement should be one of the items on my success indicator list.

Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index: I was away from home today so I didn’t step on a scale.

Blood Pressure:  Because I was doing something fun with someone I love, I felt so relaxed!  I watched the waves crash onto the sand at the beach.  My blood pressure was down a bit today.

Healthy Fuel: My sweet sister-in-law made me spinach, turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning.  It was delicious and made with love.


Not so Healthy Fuel: Our neighborhood Christmas party made it easy to over indulge in yummy treats even before I left the house.  

Quiet Time: A long drive home today was  so relaxing!  

Nature Parks Explored: I made a short stop at an oceanside state park today.  The tide was high and the beach was almost entirely gone so I just sat and watched the waves crash.  It was beautiful!

Spinach Salads: The spinach with breakfast was green and delicious!!!

Beverage High in Antioxidants:  My sweet sister-in-law made Starbucks coffee for me with breakfast.  Later, I stopped at Lighthouse Coffee Company for an americano and a cinnamon roll for my drive home.  The coffee was fabulous!!!

Walking with My Grand Dog: My niece-dog joined me in bed at about 6:00am.  She curled up at my feet and was so sweet!  I am sure my granddog would have LOVED to go on a walk with me today if we’d closer.



Sand Castles with Cute Kids: My teenage niece(human) had breakfast with me this morning but she didn’t join me to play in the sand.  I don’t think she’d consider herself a cute kid.


I am grateful my brother married well!

I am grateful my husband is who he is!

I’m grateful my youngest child is in such a happy spot and that he took time out of his busy schedule to check in with me today.




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