Merry Christmas-Days 21 and 22 of My Year of Living Abundantly

My son is away from home today.  When he called to wish up Merry Christmas, he alternated taking to us and the cocker spaniel at his feet.  Around him, friends played games and others tried to take advantage of free wifi to call home.  The dog had a number of people to love on yet it picked my boy.  I love that my kids are loved!

Today all of my children are away from home making this the first Christmas ever that I’m home alone with my husband.  My daughter and her her husband will visit later in the day but now, I appreciate the quiet.  My husband is content just hanging out (with 5 NBA games to watch) and this morning, we enjoyed couples yoga.

We found a free beginner’s on demand yoga through Comcast.  I was wildly optimistic about becoming stronger and more flexible as a couple.  I’m pretty sure my hubby thought “do yoga” referred to something else so he quickly lost interest as we did actual yoga.  He moved to the chair and I finally asked him to leave the room when he leaned back to open  the full recliner and took up half of my space. I lasted until preparation for the cobra pose revealed just how badly I needed to vacuum.

Though it’s been three weeks since I started this journey, I have yet to find exercise I enjoy enough to do and stick with. I know that living more abundantly includes being fully present to enjoy the small things.  As I move through this year, I wonder if my stamina in this area will increase as I  become more mindful of my whole day.

My Year of Living Abundantly started with a visit to a new primary care doctor. After a conversation with her,  I realized that  I’M the one who needs to make the decision to eat well and move more AND I’m the one who’ll live with the choices I make. Though BMI and Blood Pressure may reflect my health and well being, there are other success indicators I’ve decided to track.  I’m tracking a few things here so I’ll be able to review and share the highlights when I see my doctor again in December 2020. I’d love to honestly report positive things.

Here is my inspirational photo for the day as I look forward to the new year and new me!

beach sand relaxation sunshine
Photo by mali maeder on

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