Taking Care of My Future Self-Day 23 of My Year of Living Abundantly

On this sunny beautiful day my daughter and I went for a walk.  We captured Pokemon, saw geese and heron and learned interesting facts at the visitor’s center.

As we walked and talked, I realized that one benefit of having a healthier body would be that my daughter would find it easier to help me when I’m old.  My boys have already voted and when we are no longer able to live independently, my daughter and her husband will get to care for us.


Today, we enjoyed time with one another and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. If I move more and eat less, I will shrink and by the time I’m 80, I will be a tiny woman.  As a tiny, old woman, people will find it easier to pick me up when I’ve fallen and can’t ‘get up.


My Year of Living Abundantly started with a visit to a new primary care doctor. After a conversation with her,  I realized that  I’M the one who needs to make the decision to eat well and move more AND I’m the one who’ll live with the choices I make. Though BMI and Blood Pressure may reflect my health and well being, there are other success indicators I’ve decided to track.  I’m tracking a few things here so I’ll be able to review and share the highlights when I see my doctor again in December 2020. I’d love to honestly report positive things

Unfortunately, the trend of my weight over the past montt doesn’t have me on the trajectory to someday be a tiny lady YET.  I’m certain the best is yet to come, especially if I take walks with my daughter.



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