Days 37- 41 of My Year of Living Abundantly

Dropping 100 pounds in one year seemed like a reasonable goal.  Losing 8-9 pounds each month sounded good  Eating less and moving more shouldn’t be too hard but here I am,  41 days into my weight loss journey and I’ve gained 4 pounds.  Clearly, I’m doing it wrong.

Even though the scale shows a number that’s higher than my original starting point, the past 41 days have revealed insights that I will count as important lessons on my road to wellness.

Today, I’m experimenting with saying YES to the YUMMY STUFF.  I’m not going to try to fill up on healthy things in hopes that I’ll feel satisfied.  Instead, I’m going to eat what sounds good then stop eating until the next meal.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner but I’ve been chasing the healthy meal with an unhealthy after meal pick me up, followed by snack, then a pre-meal treat between each of the healthy meals. For years I’ve been a constant snacker so confining my snacking by calling it an after meal pick me up,  pre-meal treat or even a snack has defined eating times and by paying attention to these patterns and self-talk, I see my body is the size it is because of what I use as fuel.  I eat endlessly in an attempt to feel satisfied.

Today I listened to Losing 100 Pounds-Phit n Phat and at some point during the podcast Corinne Crabtree said, “If I love how much I weigh then I’m satisfied with my eating.”

I’ve been thinking about this and realize that  I may save calories by investing first in what I’m craving.

Today, I wasn’t hungry in the morning.  I went to my aqua aerobics class (now down to $38 a session) then volunteered in my favorite first grade classroom.  I went grocery shopping then to Starbucks for a triple espresso with whip.  I thought about getting a protein pack lunch because it sounded like it would be good for me.  I really wanted a cheese danish instead.  Because the calorie count was posted under each item on the menu board, I noticed the cheese danish was 180 calories less than the egg and cheese box.  Today, I picked the danish.

I waited to see what would happen.  Had I picked what I wasn’t hungry for, I would have come home and started going through groceries to find something that would hit the spot.  I’d nibble on nuts (100 calorie packs), maybe pop some popcorn (100 calorie packs), move onto a bowl of cereal and maybe, try to make my own cheese danish with leftover cream cheese and perhaps some pancake mix in attempt to make my own danish.  Knowing me, I would have had more than one nut pack and popcorn pack.  Instead of a single serving danish, I would have made enough for an army.

I enjoyed the danish and went about my day.  It hit the spot and I felt satisfied.  At 5:30pm, I enjoyed cod, spinach, mushrooms and mashed potatoes.  For dessert, I had a bowl of frozen fruit with a splash of cream. Though I’m not satisfied with how much I weigh, I’m happy with how I spent my fuel budget today.



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