Clutter, Chaos and Calm-Days 50 and 51 of My Year of Living Abundantly

You know how when you are drowning in clutter and company is coming you shove everything in your bedroom, garage or out of the way closets then put on a happy face for guests–how you don’t rest the whole time guests are there because you can’t find anything because it’s in the mountains of stuff on your bed?  Or how you don’t enjoy the people you’re with because you’re sure at any moment the loud avalanche of things falling in your carefully crammed hiding spot will reveal what a mess you really are? Well today, I am NOT that hostess.

In July of 2018 I went on a road trip to the Oregon coast.  Driving alone, I listened to Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp.  It changed everything.  Fifteen minutes a day since July 2018 I’ve spent time decluttering.  

This daily habit has made space in my life for what really matters.  Today,  I sit here two hours before guests (ones I’ve never met before) are to arrive and I’m relaxed. Even my bedroom and bedroom closet is clean. My historical stuffing spots have room for my guests’ stuff.  

Over the past 51 days, I’ve been thinking hard (not actually acting on the thoughts yet but thinking a lot) about eating less and moving more as I strive to get healthier.  I HAVE started going to water aerobics several times a week.  I HAVE started making dinners at home more frequently.  I AM stretching more in the evenings.  I said YES to invitations for not one but two international trips in the upcoming months (at my size-traveling abroad takes me out of my comfort zone-literally-the airplane seatbelts alone will be uncomfortable).

My journey to living with less clutter is evidence that I can change.  Today, not only do I celebrate how my chaotic home has been transformed into a calm space but I look forward to how my mindset can be transformed as well.




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