Juniper Aquatic Center

My mom and I enjoyed an aqua fitness class today at theJuniper Aquatic Center in Bend, Oregon.  Teacher Carolyn did an amazing job of differentiating so that  all in the class were challenged at their level.  She was a bundle of energy and class members said that she was a even more exuberant than typical.

The teacher noticed that we were new to the class and asked if we’d been to similar classes before. She asked us to compare her (nationally award winning) approach to other classes we’d taken.  Though the pool was full, she gave attention to individuals and noticed if we were slacking.  She also provided specific modifications you could do to get more out of your time in the pool.

It just so happened that yesterday  I attended a deep water aerobics class in Beaverton.  Following the class I swam laps.  Today, the class was in the shallow water and lasted an hour.  My dad and I looked at the results of my heart rate (measured by my AppleWatch) from each day and the only part that really stood out was how the lap swim time had a steady rate (illustrated on the right side of the left graphic).

Both classes have friendly classmates and were FUN!!  Bend has many more class offerings.   Medicare (and several insurances) bring the cost for seniors down to just $15 a month for unlimited instructor led classes.  As an out of district, not yet senior, I paid $8 to attend the instructor led class and it was well worth it.  Time with my mom was priceless!



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