A Walk in the Woods

I fell hard!  My knees hit first then my hands.  If I’d been in a yoga class I may have appeared to be deeply engrossed in the table top pose.  Alone in the forest, on all fours, I kept my eyes closed as I assessed each of my landing points.  Was anything broken?  Did anything hurt? Was I okay?  Did anyone see me? As I scrambled to my feet, I knew I was fine since I was only thinking of my injured ego. 

Unfortunately, the fall kept me from enjoying another walk in the woods for more than a month, until today when my son wanted to try out a new camera and invited me to join him.

Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District has miles of trails in our suburban area.  Though in the suburbs, some of the trails are so densely wooded that it feels like you are far away from civilizations.  These little pockets of nature, tucked into neighborhoods or business parks make living in the time of social distancing tolerable.  

I am grateful that I can take a walk with my son and feel safe.IMG_9126

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