Paranormal Pubs

Though some of the passport stamps require a photo and more recently, bartenders in a college town’s lodge have required reading and reflection, I’ve not yet been tested in order to obtain a stamp for my McMenamin’s Passport.  And yet, I was compelled to take notes during the presentation.

“Up until the age of 6, kids have a unique connection to the paranormal.”

“There’s quiet and then there is mausoleum quiet.”

Loren Christensen’s ( comments were carefully recorded in my little book   I’m pretty sure I was the only one taking notes during  the presentation.  His words fascinated me.

Because I spend most days in an elementary school, I was wildly intrigued by Christensen’s words.  When people talk about kids, my ears perk up.  Having recently taught kindergarten for a WHOLE school day, I was especially interested.  I’m always looking for ways to better understand the behaviors of our youngest students.  When I first watched Grimm (  I’d started imagining that some kids on some days could indeed be Blutbad as they seemed to go a bit wild during certain phases of the moon.  It seemed equally likely that younger kids could have a unique connection to what Christensen referred to as  “residual energy”.  Unfortunately, the dysregulated behaviors of students entering our school system are more likely attributed to too much screen time.

Because I spend most days in an elementary school, any type of QUIET is also alluring.  Very briefly, I considered finding a mausoleum where I could hang out for extra special quiet time.

I started my McMenamin’s Passport Tripster journey nearly two years ago.  My youngest son had just graduated from high school and my husband and I had free weekends for the first time in nearly 30 years.  Luckily, the passport quest allowed me to harness positive aspects of my need to check things off a list and my gift of procrastination by structuring a “to do” list that encouraged us to spend time together adventuring around the Pacific Northwest.  26910082_10213205209663462_5290601730953579581_o

Who knew pub tours could be so interesting?

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