Gifted Friends

Edith is a gift. I am surrounded by gifted people! For the first time in my whole life I have a beautiful Christmas tree. Let me explain. I am NOT a decorator. I do admire beautiful things but don’t produce them. At Christmas time, one blessing of having a house full of allergic/asthmatic folks is a fake tree that opens like an umbrella and has lights built in so requires just the amount of effort I can muster.

I usually get out the ornaments, with intentions of putting them on the tree but it’s hit or miss as to whether anything happens from there. Last year, I didn’t even bring the box of ornaments downstairs so the only ones that made it on the tree were the gifts I got from kids. It made for easy clean up but was just one step up from a Charlie Brown tree.

This year I put out the ornaments on a tray near the tree. I only did this because they were shiny and sparkly in the light of my push button fire place. When Edith and her girls came from our Bible Study group last night I let the girls know they could add as many as they’d like (I’ve extended this invite repeatedly over the past few years to many but with no avail). The girls seemed to be excited about the invite and shared the info (something like–the tree if fair game) with their mom. Before I knew it, Edith had transformed the tree. She did so with intention and a smile. Her gift of time and talent transformed my family room.

christmas xmas christmas tree decoration
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I am grateful for the people in my life!

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