Tai Chi

I accidentally took a Tai Chi class today.   My intention was to hang out with a friend but instead, I was breathing in and out while staring at my palm and slowing moving my head.  For an hour, I was trapped in the gym.  While I should have been practicing mindfulness, I was distracted by those around me.  Within a few minutes I was thinking about the the people around me and what brought us together.

My friend was the Tai Chi angel.  The sun streaming in gave her a halo.  She flexed, stretched and controlled each move.  On either side, determined women slowed their breathing and movements.

Across the way, a badass blonde was growling as she pushed through the pain.  Her face was scrunched in a a determined scowl and her eyes fixed on a future goal.  Though her trainer was kind, he was relentless.  They worked hard!  I was so impressed!

Rehab centers aren’t for sissies!  Whether a hip replacement or rotator cuff repair, the work of healing is serious business.

As I work to live a life of abundance, my accidental Tai Chi class reminded me of things I take for granted.  While I can’t easily touch my toes or get up from the floor, I can do just about anything I put my mind to.   I take my physical abilities for granted far too often.  As I moved with this group of women in rehab, I thought about what I can do to take care of my future self.  In twenty or thirty years, I hope friends will meet me at the mall or the mountain instead of visiting me at the rehab center.

Knee replacements are becoming more common according to some of the articles I’ve read.  The pressure of extra weight can cause body parts to wear out faster.  This is yet another reason to eat less and move more.














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